Racksquared Data Centers

Solutions for Cloud, Colocation, and Data Protection

Data Protection Solutions

On-site or Off-site Backup Solutions

It is essential for companies to get their data off-site in secure location meeting the best practices 3-2-1 rule. The 3-2-1 rule states that you need to keep three copies of your data, stored on two types of media, with one copy being off site. Racksquared has data protection solutions built around brands you can trust to meet that rule. Our backup team uses products from IBM, HPE, Veeam, Infrascale ™, and Cybernetics to build out robust backup solutions to get your data off site and protected. Customers can either backup or replicate to our cloud using Veeam Cloud Connect, Infrascale™ and Cybernetics. Rest assured that your data is safe and secure and available when it comes time to restore.

Disaster Recovery Services

Solutions, Planning and Testing

Need a disaster recovery plan that works for your data center? Our disaster recovery team can help plan, build, and test disaster recovery plans. Have a short recovery time objective? Racksquared has solutions for DRaaS such as Veeam Cloud Connect or Infrascale™ to replicate your servers in the event of a failure in your data center. Fail back to your data center is simple once the issue has been resolved.

Data Center data protection

Veeam Cloud Connect

Fast and Secure Backup to the Cloud

Get physical and virtual backups off site without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an off-site infrastructure. Veeam Cloud Connect provides a fully integrated, fast and secure way to backup to Racksquared's cloud repository.

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Data Center Cloud Hosting

Public Cloud

Windows or Linux

Looking to move your data center off site or out growing your current data center? Racksquared Data Centers uses best in class hardware and software to insure that your Virtual Private Servers are up and running at all times. Windows or Linux servers can be built in a short amount of time to get your applications up and running sooner. Server backups are stored in two different data centers to ensure that your data is always safe. Private networking, VPN, firewall, and load balancing services are available for a complete cloud solution.

Private Cloud

Server Stack for Hyper-V or VMware

Need more control in your cloud environment? We can help! Racksquared Data Centers has solutions around hardware and hyper-visors to give you the control and the freedom to grow your environment as needed.

Data Center Colocation

Full Racks, Half Racks, or by the Rack Unit

Racksquared has many options when it comes to Data Center Colocation. Racks can be rented by the rack unit or full and half racks are available. Power is available with A and B feeds with 120V and 208V service. Racksquared's Internet service is blended with multiple carriers available with public IP addresses. Our data centers are carrier neutral with no cross connect fees when connecting to your data provider. Racksquared Data Centers provide 24x7 support and will work with you to make your transition to our data center locations as smooth as possible.

Hybrid Cloud

On-Site and Off-site Cloud Solutions

Sometimes the best environment for a workload is one that combines both public cloud, private cloud and colocation environments. That's why we've created a true hybrid cloud, with multi-cloud flexibility, so you can connect your colocation environments to the private and public clouds of your choice — such as AWS, Microsoft, and Google.

Data Center Colocation

Data Center Power Hosting

AIX Cloud Hosting

Version 6.1 and Up

Racksquared offers cloud hosting options for AIX Servers. Today LPARs can be built on IBM Power 8 or Power 9 servers. Partitions are managed by our AIX Administrators to make sure the server is tuned and operating to your specifications.

IBM i (iSeries - AS/400) Cloud Hosting

Power 9 Servers are here!

Racksquared uses the latest IBM Power™ servers and storage for our IBM i hosting platform. Options are available for full management, 24x7 monitoring, and HA replication to one of our other data center locations. Additional services are available for disaster recovery planning, and testing for the IBM i platform.

Linux on Power Cloud Hosting

Redhat and Ubuntu Servers Available

Racksquared supports enterprise versions of Redhat and Ubuntu running on Power, so customers can easily run Linux workloads – including Apache, PHP, and enterprise resource planning applications such as SAP in the cloud.

More About Racksquared Data Centers

Racksquared Data Centers is a unique solution provider that maintains significant in-house talent and resources that are available for our clients. Our expert staff of network engineers, server engineers, systems administrators and product specialists are passionate about sharing their knowledge and translating that into a high value, flexible solutions that provide our clients with virtualization consulting/hosting services, managed IT services for all types of computing environments including IBM i-series, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, backup/storage solutions, server colocation and disaster recovery solutions. Racksquared operates two data centers in the central Ohio market. Racksquared Data Centers is a wholly-owned division of the 116 year old Wasserstrom Holdings Company.