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IBM Power10 in the Cloud

The release of the IBM Power10 has companies rethinking their hardware strategy. Is it time to finally replace the old Power8? Should we renew the lease on the Power9? Do we acquiesce and buy a new Power10? The problem with all these strategies is you remain trapped in the hardware purchase and management cycle.

Maybe it’s time to change the paradigm. Instead of another hardware purchase, consider IBM Power in the Cloud. With IBM Power in the Cloud, you get the benefit of the latest IBM technology without the capital expense, and you are no longer required to manage infrastructure. In addition, PTF installs, OS upgrades, backups, and disaster recovery can all be built into your solution.

With Racksquared’s IBM Power10 Test Drive program, you can try before you buy. During your Test Drive period you can fine tune the processor and memory resource to meet your specific business requirements. The result is a hardware specification that allows you to only pay for the resources you need.

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“After the migration to the cloud, we found application response times are considerably faster than what they were and we’re saving a significant amount of money each month.”

Kevin Debinder, Chief Operating Officer, PayAmerica

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Test Drive the Power10 Before you Buy

The new IBM Power10 processor is the fastest IBM processor to date. Before you make a purchase, take this new machine for a test drive to determine how much resource you need to meet your business needs.

IBM Power10 Test Drive

Ready to test drive the IBM Power10? Contact us to get the details.