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Private Cloud

Racksquared Data Center's Private Cloud Solutions

Racksquared Data Center's Private Cloud allows a company to have more security than a private cloud solution. The hyper-visor can be either VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V. Several hardware options to choose from. Call us today to see how we can help.

Secure Private Cloud
Its Secure

Racksquared Data Center's Private Cloud puts you in control of all user accounts and gives you control on how servers are built. Additionally an isolated network, disk and backup can be built for this solution.

Reliable Private Cloud
Its Reliable

Private clouds are built with the same redundancies as public cloud which includes servers, networking, security, and storage.

Low Cost solutions
Its Budgeting

A Private Cloud solution allows a company to switch from a CAPEX cost model to a OPEX cost model. Allowing companies to take better control of their budget.

Private Cloud Hypervisor
Its your choice

With Private Cloud it is your choice of operating systems and applications you choose to run on your servers. Different hyper-visors such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM can be run on your servers.

Private Cloud Server
Its Built for your needs

Private cloud servers are built to your specifications and can scale with additional hardware. Optional backup and disaster recovery plans can be built into this environment also.

Racksquared Support
Its Supported

Your Private Cloud solution comes with Racksquared Data Center's 24x7 support. Our team is a part of your team and we are there to help!