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Linux on Power Hosting with Racksquared

IBM Power Systems continues to push the physical and virtual boundaries of data center technology. Its performance, security, and stability benchmarks are all well beyond industry standards, and by using Racksquared’s Cloud for fast deployment Linux on Power workloads, customers will have access to these benefits unencumbered by physical resource and traditional procurement limitations of on-premises data centers.

Racksquared has designed and built from the ground up a reliable and secure cloud for IBM Power The core compute resources are delivered using IBM Power 8 and 9 servers with Storewize SANs or IBM Flashsystems for back-end storage. This combination allows us the flexibility needed in a cloud environment for IBM Power Systems and the ability to quickly provision resources and offer competitive pricing.

All Linux on Power servers at Racksquared are backed up using IBM Spectrum Protect for fast backup and restore times.

Linux on Power Systems

The bottom line is, by combining the flexibility and cost savings of Linux with the scalability and robustness of the POWER platform, customers across all industries can integrate their environments using Linux on POWER to reduce costs and consolidate workloads
Linux on Power Cloud Hosting Offers:

iSeries Performance


We leverage the latest IBM Power Systems and IBM storage technologies to deliver the highest performance.

iSeries Savings

Competitive Pricing

Our Power on Linux servers are in a shared services environment where you pay for the resources you use. Dedicated server options are also available.



With PowerVM, servers can be moved between hosts to prevent or limit down time. Racksquared also has the ability to replicate your Linux on Power Servers to our second data center.


Data Protection

All Linux on Power servers backups are replicated to our second data center. Backups also can be sent to tape and stored at our off-site tape storage vendor if required.



Racksquared Data Center has many options for Linux on Power such as standard SAN storage or flash. Racksquared Data Center also has management options available to monitor, maintain, and backup the server.



Our Linux on Power professionals are experts in Linux administration and management and provides expert support from project kickoff through implementation to production. Our Staff is available for you 24x7x365 should you need help.