IBM i (AS/400 iSeries) Cloud Server Hosting

Expert IBM i (iSeries) Managed Cloud Hosting

IBM Power Systems continues to push the physical and virtual boundaries of data center technology. Its performance, security, and stability benchmarks are all well beyond industry standards, and by using Racksquared’s Cloud for fast deployment IBM i (iSeries) workloads, customers will have access to these benefits unencumbered by physical resource and traditional procurement limitations of on-premises data centers.

Racksquared has designed and built from the ground up a reliable and secure cloud for IBM Power The core compute resources are delivered using IBM Power 9 and 10 servers with IBM Flashsystems for back-end storage. This combination allows us the flexibility needed in a cloud environment for IBM Power Systems and the ability to quickly provision resources and offer competitive pricing.

Racksquared IBM i Cloud Hosting

The Best in IBM i Cloud Hosting

Racksquared's cloud is built to be secure and reliable with the expertise to keep your business up and running.

  • Two data centers equipted with multiple Power8, Power9, and Power 10 Servers.
  • Storage is replicated between two data centers as our standared offering.
  • Backups stored in two data centers.
  • Optional highly available SAN technology available.
  • Fully supported IBM hardware stack.

Peace of mind iSeries cloud hosting

Never apply another PTF or operating system update or backup!

  • Eliminate the need to purchase, update, and replace a server every three to five years.
  • Focus on time on business applications that your customers rely on and not infrastructure.
  • Switch to a opex model to keep your costs consistant on a monthly basis.
  • No need to keep costly maintenance contracts on your IBM hardware and operating systems.
Reliable iSeries Hosting
Racksquared iSeries Data Protection

Data Protection that works!

The key to preventing data loss is having the best technologies available to protect data such as SAN replication and HyperSwap for Hign availability.

  • SAN to SAN replication in two data centers in Columbus and Louisville
  • Encrypted SANs
  • HyperSwap SANs optional
  • VTL replication between Columbus and Louisville
  • Isolated networking technology
  • Optional tape copy
American Benefits Quote

“Racksquared’s IBM i Cloud hosting gives me the ability to easily add IBM Power servers and then adjust the resources as our business requirements change.”

- Ryan Jones - CEO - American Benefit Corporation

IBM i (iSeries) Cloud Hosting
with Racksquared

With access to team of data center and IBM iseries experts, the latest IBM Power and storage technologies, and a secure, reliable, and resilient environment you can rest easy knowing that your server will always be available to keep your business up and running.

Secure Reliable Hosting

Racksquared's iSeries cloud hosting is built for resiliancy across two data centers offering allowing for fast recovery in the event of an outage. Racksquared deploys that latest in redunant network and security equipment to protect your data.


Racksquared’s iSeries hosting is a flexible environment where you only pay for the resources you use instead of purchasing minimal resources on a new server. Racksquared also has bundled solutions for both production and disaster recovery.

The Best Support

Our IBM i professionals are experts in IBM iSeries administration and management and provide expert support from project kickoff through implementation to production. Our Staff is available for you 24x7x365 should you need assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Racksquared team will send out questionaire with get some information about your server. We will match processor CPW, memory, and storage for you existing server.

Racksquared replicates SANs between two data centers to prevent data loss. In addition backups are also replicated between two data centers.

Our experienced team of IBM i experts will quickly build a LPAR from a current backup. We will allow you to test and make arrangements for the final restore to go live. This process usually takes around two weeks.