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Minimize the Required Maintenance with an Intel Cloud Hosting Solution

Stop managing physical servers and living with the limitations of the hardware configuration you purchased. With a cloud solution you get the benefit of virtual systems that provide you with built in redundancy and the flexibility to add and remove resources as needed. Racksquared’s Intel Cloud Hosting solution leverages industry leading technologies from Microsoft, VMWare, Dell, IBM, and HP. Combining those technologies with our robust network infrastructure and 24x7x365 management and monitoring, it allows you to focus on what matters to your customers, not on the underlying infrastructure.

Put your Business First with
Intel Cloud Hosting

Don’t be limited by the physical resources you purchased.

Intel Cloud Hosting can be custom configured with the resources your business needs including:

  • Processor, memory, storage, and operating system version to your specification
  • Firewall and bandwidth options available.
  • The ability to dynamically increase and decrease resources.

Stop managing and monitoring physical hardware.

Intel Cloud Hostio Stop managing and monitoring physical hardware. ng gives you access to experts that handle all day-to-day support of your environment including:

  • Basic management and monitoring.
  • Installing patches and upgrades.
  • Rent applications rather than purchasing them.
Racksquard Management
Racksquared Intel Data Protection

Reduce your concerns of hardware failure and data loss.

Intel Cloud Hosting minimizes these risks by incorporating repetition and fast recovery by:

  • Distributing server data across redundant servers and networking
  • Automated backups and snapshots
  • Keeping the servers on private subnets with firewall
Contract Sweepers Quote

“Racksquared’s Intel Cloud hosting gives me the ability to easily add cloud servers and then adjust the resources as our business requirements change.”

- Ryan Jones - CEO - American Benefit Corporation

Frequently Asked Questions

Each solution is custom configured and pricing is driven by the number of VMs you have and the amount of storage you need in the cloud. Contact us to talk about your business requirements and to get a quote.

On average, 2-3 business days.

Racksquared uses Veeam to protect your VMs.