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Infrascale™ Backup Products
On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid

Superior Backup for Servers and Applications

Infrascale™ Cloud Backup

Infrascale Cloud Backup is a single enterprise-class direct-to-cloud backup product that protects servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Infrascale offers an enterprise cloud backup product that features Anomaly Detection, which will alert you when it detects that the the number of “new” or “changed” files changes significantly from typical levels. Anomaly Detection serves as a valuable early warning system to rapidly confine a ransomware infection and enable you to rescue important data before the entire network is frozen.

How it Works

You Know It’s All About That Space, No Trouble

Every company deserves the kind of protection multi-billion dollar corporations have (but without the hefty price tag). We do server backup three ways: direct-to-cloud, on-premise appliance, or hybrid.

  • Technological Superiority:
    Intelligent deduplication, bare metal imaging, blazing fast appliance and cloud boot, and more loaded into an extremely easy to use dashboard.

  • Your Environment, Covered:
    Physical servers, application servers, virtual machines, you name it and it’s covered by Infrascale. More operating system info below.

    • Server Backup Your Way:
      Replicate directly to the cloud, on-premise appliances, or take a hybrid approach. Infrascale supports all three.

Infrascale encryption
Going Beyond Basic Encryption

You take your privacy seriously and so does Infrascale. it’s our mission to make sure your stuff stays that way: yours

  • Triple Layer End-to-End Encryption:
    Data is encrypted at the source, transferred via a secured connection then encrypted again in the cloud. We call it UltraSafe for good reason.

  • Compliant Cloud:
    Meet the most robust security and compliance requirements; SSAE 16, SAS 70, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, FIPS, CJIS, and EU Safe Harbor, to name a few.

  • Better Backup Starts with Better Security:
    Security so strong we call it UltraSafe. Keep your privates private with Infrascale.