IBM Power in the Cloud

Reduce your Management Burden with an
IBM Power in the Cloud Solution

Access to IBM Power expertise continues to be at the top of the list of challenges for companies that rely on this environment. Combine that with the cost of purchasing and maintaining the hardware and licensing and this platform is a prime candidate for a fully managed cloud solution. With Racksquared’s IBM Power in the Cloud solution you only pay for the resources (processor, memory, and storage) that you need, and our IBM Admins handle the 24x7x365 management and monitoring of the systems allowing you to focus on your core business.

Put your Business First with IBM Power in the Cloud

Overcome the challenge of hiring or developing IBM Power skills in-house.

IBM Power in the Cloud solves this problem for you by providing access to a team of experts focused on managing this platform through:

  • 24x7x365 management and monitoring of the system
  • Scheduling and monitoring the backups
  • Installing PTFs twice a year

Don’t buy another preconfigured system that exceeds your requirements.

IBM Power in the cloud can be custom configured with the resources your business needs including:

  • Processor, memory, and storage to your specifications
  • Backups and upgrades on your schedule
  • The ability to dynamically increase and decrease resources
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Stop settling for outdated technologies from lesser-known vendors.

IBM Power in the Cloud provides customers with access to a wide range of technologies from industry leading companies like:

  • The latest servers, PTFs, and operating systems from IBM
  • New storage technologies from IBM
  • Virtual tape libraries from Cybernetics for backups

Shift from a capital expense model to an operating expense model.

IBM Power in the Cloud enables you to break the cycle of buying and depreciating hardware to gain:

  • A fixed monthly fee that is easy to budget
  • Easy migrations to the latest hardware

Don’t let the fear of business interruption stop you from a cloud migration.

The IBM Power in the Cloud team has successfully migrated lots of customers with a step-by-step process that provides:

  • Configuration of LPAR resources in our environment
  • Network engineers to assist with connectivity
  • Data transfer from your environment to ours
  • Customer acceptance testing before “go-live”
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“I know we made the right decision in partnering with Racksquared. We don’t just have a new vendor, we have a new partner.”

- Jay Powell - Director of Information Systems - Marmon Keystone

Frequently Asked Questions

Our cloud solutions are quoted on required CPU, memory, and storage for the LPAR. Administration and connectivity are also included in the quote.

Our team of IBM power experts will work with to do an inital build of your workloads in our cloud. Once a server(s) are built they can be tested and final migratation plans can be put in place.

Racksquared protects your LPAR with SAN replication to two data centers, optional Hyper-Swap, and VTLs replicated to two data centers.