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Racksquared Disaster Recovery Solutions
Disaster Recovery Overview


DRaaS with Infrascale™

Disaster Recovery shouldn’t cost a fortune. But it should recover like it did. Every company deserves rapid failover without all the hardware and complexity..

  • Rapid Failover from Anywhere:
  • You can failover a single virtual machine (VM), applications, a whole network, or site locally (seconds) or in the cloud (hours).
  • Reduce Hardware Costs:
  • When the cloud and intelligent software join forces, good things happen. It’s how we erase expensive hardware and complex steps from the Disaster Recovery equation so you can bring your business back to life in minutes.
  • Build DR Your Way:
  • With Infrascale, you decide how you want to deploy failover for your business. Our DRaaS solution is delivered as a physical and virtual appliance and includes DR software and flexible cloud storage targeting. Check out our deployment models.
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IBM i (iSeries - AS/400) DRaaS

Racksquared offers a variety of Disaster recovery solutions for the IBM i (iSeries - AS/400) platform. These solutions range from simple disaster recovery tests to highly available replication.

Replication of virtual tapes from Cybernetics VTLs is a way to get your data off site and a place to rebuild your iSeries in the event of a disaster.

If down time is not an option for your IBM i, Racksquared offers a highly available solution to protect your company.

Racksquared also offers emergency restoration services if resources are available to get your company backup and running in the event of a disaster.

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Private Cloud

Veeam Cloud Connect DRaaS

Disaster recovery (DR) helps companies to increase the Availability in modern data centers by leveraging replication technologies and creating standby replicas of virtual machines off site. However, replicating VMs is only part of the problem to solve: In order to make it a proper service, both end users and service providers need a solution that has a complete set of features and capabilities that go beyond replication.

Veeam Cloud Connect Replication is a fast, secure, cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) solution that brings Veeam’s cloud technology to the next level. VM replication with Veeam Cloud Connect is easy to use and simple to set up, thanks to a single TCP port connectivity protected by a secure, reliable SSL/TLS connection from the customer to the Disaster Recovery as a Service provider.

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Storage Replication

Protecting essential data has never been more important than it is today due to the escalating cost of system downtime and the increased likelihood of natural and human-made disasters. SAN replication technology is frequently being incorporated into enterprise disaster recovery plans as a method of recovery.

Racksquared has storage solutions available for HPE Nimble, IBM, Infinidat, and Cybernetics to replicate your SAN storage to our secure data center.

Storage replications offers a fast way for a companies to recovery in the event of a disaster. Racksquared also offers colocation services for companies wishing to bring their own SAN to our Data Centers.

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