Racksquared Services
iSeries (AS/400) Management

Racksquared Services for your iSeries

Many companies depend on the iSereis platform to keep thier busineses up and running. Racksquared has the service offerings to keep your iSeries operating at peak performance and always available. We have a complete management solution from live monitoring, operating system maintenance, high availability, disaster recovery testing, and emergency restoration services.

iSeries Monitoring

At Racksquared we understand how critical the iSeries can be to the operations of your business. Our iSeries Monitoring Service is a program that monitors your iSeries 24x7x365. This is done both with live system monitoring and software monitoring and emailing when alerts occur. Our monitoring includes hourly checks and logging of system statics. In addition any company requirements can be followed to meet the needs of the business.

Monitoring can be done whether your iSeries is in our data center or yours.

iSeries Administration

Our iSeries Administrator program keeps your iSeries up to date with the latest program temporary fixes and cumulative updates. Operating System Version updates are done and scheduled when required by the business. In addition to patch management and updates Racksquared Administrators can troubleshoot performance issues, install printers, and do security audits.

Our Administrators can also spin up temporary Dev and QA LPARS required for testing.

iSeries High Availability

Racksquared partners with Rocket Software to provide high availability clustering for your i-series. Rocket® iCluster® high-availability/disaster recovery solutions help ensure uninterrupted operations for applications running on IBM® iSeries, and provides continuous access by monitoring, identifying, and self-correcting replication problems. Click here for a data sheet on Rocket® iCluster®.

Racksquared can either be the host or the replication partner in the cluster. Racksquared can also host both the host and the replication partner at our other data centers.

iSeries Disaster Recovery Testing

Have a need to test your backup strategy and determine recovery time? Racksquared can help with this process. Racksquared hosts systems with version v5r4 and above and can work with you test your backups. Racksquared can support a variety of backup media. Call us today to schedule a time with our iSeries engineers to start the process of restoring and testing your backup processes.

iSeries Off-site Backup/Replication

Have a need to have an LPAR available at a moments notice in the event of a disaster? Racksquared has a low cost solution to have a LPAR available with your latest full save. Media can be provided to Racksquared either by tape or VTL replication. VPN connectivity is available in the event of a disaster to provide connectivity.

iSeries Emergency Restoration

Have a disaster and need help? Our iSeries administrators are available 24x7x365 to help start the restoration process for your iSeries. Call us today to see how we can help!