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Disaster Recovery Services

Why you need a better Disaster Recovery Plan

Downtime, data loss, outages, & failures aren't just disruptive and expensive headaches-they could spell the end of your business.

Disaster Recovery

Companies Need Disaster Recovery

Here are some eye-opening statistics on the staggering costs of unplanned downtime.

3 out of 4 - businesses receive a failing grade for Disaster Recovery!

57% - of IT pros say their company has had at least one system outage in the past three months.

95% - of all businesses experienced outages for reasons unrelated to natural disasters.

60% - of companies don't have a fully documented disaster recovery plan.

1 in 4 - Companies never test their disaster recovery plans.

60% - of companies that lose their data will shut down within six months of their disaster.

$5,000 per minute - is the estimated cost of downtime.

Build your Highly Available Site with Racksquared

Racksquared has the hardware, software, and the know how to build a disaster recovery site for your company. Our data center experts have years of experience working with companies finding the right solution(s) when it comes to disaster recovery. Call us today and meet our disaster recovery experts.

virtual machines

Server Replication

Racksquared has solutions that minimize downtime in the event of a disaster. Racksquared's experience working with several types of hardware, operating systems. and applications allows us to find solutions to make them highly available. Racksquared works with companies such as VEEAM, Zerto, Infrascale™ and Rocket Software to build disaster recovery solutions that are right for your company.

Cloud Storage

SAN/VTL Replication

Part of your disaster recovery solution may be to replicate your SAN or VTL off-site. Racksquared has different types of storage and VTLs available for replication initiating the need to buy a second set of hardware.

DR Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning

The biggest part of a disaster recovery plan is the strategy behind it. Finding the right balance between cost and and what a company can afford can be difficult at times. Racksquared's data center experts can find ways to start building a plan that will meet your companies recovery objective if needed over a period of time. A solid disaster recovery plan starts with solid planning with the right stake holders in place.

Disaster Recovery Testing

Disaster Recovery Testing

A disaster recovery plan is no good unless it is tested. Racksquared has different types of hardware including IBM Power Systems™ available to test and validate backup media as part of a disaster recovery test.

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