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Colocation Solutions

Why choose Racksquared for Colocation?

Racksquared Data Centers offers a wide range of colocation offerings from 1U of rack space to several racks enclosed in a private cage. The data center is equipped with different options for power, connectivity, and storage and backup as a service. Our highly skilled engineers are ready and can design a colocation solution that best fits your company. We offer comprehensive physical security including 24x7 on-site personnel, biometric access and full-building video capture; plus, certification under common standards and regulations: SSAE 18 Type II, SOC 2, and PCI DSS

Redundant Cooling

Our data center is equipped with four independent cooling units for redundancy. At any point any cooling unit can be taken off-line for repairs or maintenance.

Secure Racks

At Racksquared Data Center, racks are protected with combination locks set by the customer to secure their equipment. Racks are also monitored by 24x7 surveillance.

100Gb Networking

Racksquared Data Center uses the latest in network technologies to provide connectivity up to 100Gb. Other networking services include devices such as firewalls, and load balancing.


Racksquared Data Center takes multiple steps to ensure the customer's equipment is always powered. Power is backed up by multiple UPSs and a generator to ensure uptime.

How does Colocation work?

Colocation is a great solution for IT organizations to enable the quick deployment of their server/storage infrastructure at remote locations without the large capital outlay or long lead times required to develop their own sites. Colocation can be provided where you need it, in large or small increments of secure space, redundant power, and Internet. This gives IT organizations the agility to safely and securely deploy infrastructure as needed by the business.

Because of redundancy built into data centers, you receive the benefit of a robust environment for your critical equipment. Additionally, these highly available and secure data centers keep your essential assets safe even if your company experiences unexpected incidents, such as flooding or fire damage at your corporate headquarters.

Service Details


Racksquared's data center is by monitored by a 24x7 support staff to ensure the data center is protected. Cameras are installed inside and outside of the data center and on the customers racks on the data center floor.

In addition to video monitoring Racksquared Data Center's support staff also monitors cooling, power, and networking ensuring that the data center is always in maximum operational state.


The doors at Racksquared are secured by key card, PIN numbers, and biometrics. Racks are secured either by combination locks or cages.

All guests at the data center must present an official state ID before they are allowed into the data center. All customers must supply Racksquared Data Center with a list of users allowed to enter the data center. No third party visitors are allowed into the data center unless escorted by the customer. It is also requested that all customers call before visiting.


Racksquared Data Center's network is made of up a redundant pair of 100Gb cores allowing connections at various networking speeds. Racksquared Data Center connects to its backup data centers with redundant fiber connections.

Racksquared's Internet connectivity is made of a blended mix of multiple Internet carriers. Additional networking services include firewall, load balancing, and filtering.


For customers requiring a second location for disaster recovery. Racksquared Data Center has a second data center in Columbus Ohio for high availability. Racksquared Data Center are connected by redundant strands of fiber ensuring the fastest time for data synchronization.

Talk to a Racksquared Data Center Engineer to see how we can with your disaster recovery plan.

Data Center Benefits

Our Pricing

Racksquared Colocation pricing is based on the size of the rack or the number of rack units. Power can be purchased by 20 or 30 amp feeds. Blended Internet is available with external IP addresses if required. Racksquared never charges for cross connect fees.

1U Rack Space

$79 / Month

  • 1U Shared Rack Space
  • A + B Power
  • PDUs Provided
  • UPS and Generator
  • 24/7 Support

Basic 42U Full Rack

$499 / Month

  • 42U Lockable Rack
  • A+B 20Amp Power 120V
  • PDUs Provided
  • UPS and Generator
  • 24/7 Support

Premium 42U Full Rack

$699 / Month

  • 42U Lockable Rack
  • A+B 20Amp Power 208V
  • PDUs Provided
  • UPS and Generator
  • 24/7 support