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Secure, Affordable, and Reliable

Why Host with Racksquared Data Center?

Racksquared Data Center Delivers Performance

Racksquared Data Center's VPS Cloud is built up on software and hardware from vendors such as Cisco, VMware, IBM, and HPE. Our cloud is built for reliability, security, and scalability. Call us today to get the data center performance you need.


Its Easy

Server builds only take a few minutes and you can be up and running in a short amount of time.


Its Reliable

By distributing server data across redundant servers and networking, information hosted in the cloud is protected against hardware failure.


It Saves You Money

VPS Cloud hosting only charges clients for the resources they use.


Its Customizable

With virtual private servers you can specify things such as processing power, memory, and operating systems that fit your application. Microsoft products such as SQL and Exchange can be rented on a monthly basis eliminating the need to purchase software.


Its Scalable

Cloud servers can scale to fit your needs. Additional resources can be added when needed.


Its Secure

VPS Cloud hosting keeps your content safe. Your servers are on their own private subnet with firewall and load balancing services available. Automated backups and snapshots ensure that server content is recoverable and available when needed.