Ryder Last Mile relocates and virtualizes data center

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At a Glance

  • Need for new data center that can support hosting iSeries, Cloud, and Colocation.
  • Remove and migrate infrastruce from parent company.
  • Needed management for iSeries and cloud.

  • Gain access to IT expertise and consultation when they need it
  • Take advantage of the cloud business model in which they only pay for what they use
  • Leverage secure off-site data center with access to disaster recovery infrastructure

Choosing a Data Center Partner That Supports Colocation, Cloud and iSeries Hosting

Setting up thier IT from Scratch

Operating on their own and taking only their phones and PCs with them, Ryder Last Mile faced the challenge of needing to stand up all new infrastructure. Rather than investing extensive capital and labor into managing these aspects, they determined it would make more business sense to partner with a provider. Ryder Last Mile was not looking for just colocation, but someone who could manage their application infrastructure. It was critical to find a partner they could trust.

“I wanted my team focused on driving value for the business,” said Shane Hart, Vice President, Information Technology at Ryder Last Mile. “I need to be able to rely on a vendor that can take things off my hands and give me the comfort that we are going to be up and any issues will be quickly resolved.”

Finding a Partner with Their Needs in Mind.

Ryder Last Mile looked at several conventional data centers to fill their needs. However, none of them were willing to manage an AS/400, or would have to bring in a third-party to do so. Because Ryder Last Mile runs their primary ERP on AS/400, this was not an option—they needed a partner with in-house AS/400 experience. They made the decision to go local with Racksquared.

“Racksquared provides a level of customer care that larger companies can't.”

- Shane Hart,
  Vice President, IT Ryder Last Mile

A Perfect Fit

With their AS/400 now running in Racksquared’s high availability environment, Ryder Last Mile has gained increased performance through shorter response times, better redundancy, and the peace of mind in knowing their data is always safe, secure, and available. Better yet, they have the benefit of a partner that supports them in stride as they grow their business.

“We have enacted a lot of changes to the business,” said Hart. “Racksquared is there every step of the way, helping with new installs and projects and letting me focus on driving IT solutions for the business rather than worrying about back end infrastructure issues.”

Ryder Last Mile uses Racksquared for:

  • Hosted iSeries and replication
  • Cloud management and monitoring
  • Colocation
  • Linux and Windows support
  • Data backup
  • Remote hands
  • Managed services
  • Website filtering
  • Internet VPNs and dedicated private connectivity
  • High Availabilty Systems for disaster Recovery
  • Multiple data center locations

About Ryder Last Mile

Ryder Last Mile is a third party logistics company that specializes in white glove delivery of large footprint items. They have over 40 years of proven success extending brand experiences through over 80 million home deliveries in North America. Ryder Last Mile is headquartered in New Albany, OH.

After splitting from their parent company and its extensive infrastructure and IT team, Ryder Last Mile needed to get their new data center up and running quickly. Operating with a lean team, they turned to Racksquared to be their data center, managed services provider, and AS/400 experts.

Find out how Racksquared can help keep your business trucking, no matter what happens next. Visit www.rackquared.com, contact us at sales@racksquared.com or call (855) 380-7225.

Learn more about how Racksquared can support your business.

Visit www.racksquared.com, contact us at sales@racksquared.com or call (855) 380-7225.