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Outsourcing to a Proactive Data Center Partner:
Stories from Our Customers

Stories from Our Customers

By: Racksquared
Date: April 15, 2019
ComSpark 2018

Historically, cost savings has always been a big factor behind data center outsourcing. Cost reduction will remain a key element driving the choice to outsource to a data center partner, but companies also realize the value of proactive services because of improved uptime, compliance, and reduced risks. According to various market reports, data center outsourcing is the most effective way to manage IT infrastructure, enabling organizations to focus on innovating their business. When you consider this and what others are saying, it’s actually hard to find a reason to keep all data center operations in-house.

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Proactive Data Center

Today, the adoption of IT outsourcing has never been greater. Enterprises are faced with the challenges of regulations, certifications, and costs to run a data center in-house, and quickly understand that their core competencies do not lie within the data center and they are better served through outsourcing. By outsourcing, companies benefit from proactive IT services, reduced costs and risks, improved operational efficiency, and increased reliability across the enterprise.

We created an eGuide, What a Proactive Data Center Partner is – Stories from our Customers, to elaborate on our “proactive data center” terminology and the benefits of outsourcing through the lens of our clients. This guide can also be used to help you understand the work and collaboration our local Racksquared team provides to companies both large and small.

Racksquared Solutions that Protect Your Business

At Racksquared, our expert staff understands how to navigate today’s complex IT environment. We are always investing in the latest technology to bring the best solutions to our customers – saving them money and responding quickly to their unique needs.

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