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Racksquared Blog - comSpark Tech Summit

What we learned at the comSpark Innovation Tech Summit

By: Racksquared
Date: September 24, 2018
ComSpark Event

The Racksquared team attended comSpark in Cincinnati, Ohio to experience two days of top-quality tech programming. The event provided us with the opportunity to build relationships with Greater Cincinnati-based IT companies and vendors, start-ups, industry leaders, and students. During our time at the event, we noticed some topics discussed in high-volume – the emergence of cloud and disaster recovery solutions, the importance of cybersecurity and identity management, how advances in technology are used to keep up with the ever-changing consumer demands, and how to invest in the future of IT.

Cloud and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Cloud and disaster recovery solutions are emerging because they are an integral part of the overall risk management for an organization. Since all of the risks cannot be eliminated, companies are implementing disaster recovery, and business continuity plans to prepare for potentially disruptive events. These processes are critical because they provide detailed strategies on how the business will continue after severe interruptions and disasters.

For Cincinnati-based companies, disaster recovery seems to be an ideal solution, specifically outsourcing to Racksquared – a Columbus-based company that is far enough from their headquarters, but close enough for access and connection. Many are becoming more aware of the importance of business continuity outside of just the IT environment.

Cybersecurity and Identity Management

Cybersecurity has always been something for companies to pay attention to, but identity management is a newer, but also current major concern for enterprises. Some vendors claim to address both of these areas, but there is often confusion about the approach of these concerns.

Understanding what cybersecurity and identity management are for the enterprise and the IT environment can provide a starting point for planning and approaches to ensure the efficient use of IT resources.

Advances in Technology

Today’s ever-changing consumer demands are without a doubt changing the way business is conducted. Customers expect instant gratification, quick results, and constant access. As a business owner or an entrepreneur, using advances in technology to keep up with consumer demands creates stronger client-partner relationships in the long run.

Investing in the Future of IT

Investing in the future of IT such as focusing more on recruitment, training the youth, and creating a culture of diversity and inclusion has been an ongoing topic of discussion at IT conferences this year. To address this topic, our COO, Phil Smith, gave a panel discussion titled “The Secret to Recruiting & Retaining Millennials” where he and a student at Mason High School shared their thoughts on change in hiring young professionals. The conclusion – recruitment is an essential step in the hiring and training for the future of IT.

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