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Lesson Learned about IT Recruitment from CIO Tomorrow

By: Phil Smith
Date: April 18, 2018
CIO Tomorrow

Highlights About Our Time at the Event

In case you missed it, the CIO Tomorrow event kicked off in Columbus, Ohio on April 18, 2018. Our Racksquared team hosted a booth and held a raffle for three $50 gift cards. Congratulations to our lucky winners! It was exciting to have been a sponsor at this event. Hearing from other leaders and influencers provided valuable insight on the importance of investing in the future of IT.

Working in the industry as a data center provider, we understand how much goes into the recruitment of future leaders. It was nice to get some perspective on recruiting “outside the box” – being more accepting of different titles, backgrounds, non-traditional education and training. Since we’re all fishing from the same pond, it’s important to stay open-minded about our current and future IT leaders.

The theme “Widening the Talent Pool: A Call to Action” raised a lot of questions about our current and future initiatives. Being located in the era of “Smart Columbus”, we need to answer to this and work to increase the number of talented individuals entering IT.

Tech Growth in Columbus – Smart City Initiative

Columbus won the Smart Cities Challenge in 2016 which fostered explosive growth in our tech sector. Working in the industry and within the region, fishing from the same talent pool will be a challenge as we grow. It makes us wonder how we will have the workforce for this smart city initiative.

The event challenged us to think about what we were currently doing and what we are going to do about widening the talent pool. What we found out was that we should focus on areas like workforce development, recruiting, retention, promotion, training, education, and access.

A focus area for us moving forward will be on changing our IT recruitment efforts to access a wider range of talented individuals. Doug McCollough did a wonderful job at closing out on this “A significant part of this conference addresses education as a pipeline and HR as the gatekeeper of talent”. Some talented individuals can’t get past the resume pile, that’s why we want to be more accepting of different titles and backgrounds.

Thanks for Connecting with Us

If you attended the event, a huge shout out to those of you that connected with us and learned more about Racksquared. Our team enjoyed connecting with you and other businesses facing the same challenges.

Working with current and future IT leaders within the region, it’s important we work together to widen the talent pool. Making our data center available to students is what we plan to do to be a resource for future IT leaders.

Partner with Racksquared – we can help develop future leaders and prepare for Columbus’ tech growth.